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Reef Points Hard Cider

Reef Points is a small producer of hard cider located on the central coast of California. It is a creative vision shaped by adventure and travel on the high seas.

Our ciders are made from apples harvested from family owned orchards in Watsonville and Paso Robles, CA. We have blended and bottle-conditioned Reef Points to create ciders that are light, dry and crisp on the palate. All our labels, packaging design and imagery are originally conceptualized and designed.

Our Story

Reef Points was created by two friends, Patrick Martinez and Dane Jacobs. Pat and Dane share a passion for the ocean and enjoy spending countless hours in and around the water. Thus, the sea has become the basis for the imagery and marketing surrounding Reef Points Hard Cider.

Both Patrick and Dane bring a strong work ethic and ingenuity to the Reef Points project. Their ambition to build a creative, sustainable company has always been intrinsic to the effort.

Dane grew up on the Central Coast of California and has always had a deep respect and connection with the ocean. His refined abilities as a waterman have come through many years spent swimming, surfing, lifeguarding and sailing. These skills, requiring diligence and focus in all types of situations, have worked synergistically with his love of small business and quality representation. In 2010 he graduated from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo with a degree in small business entrepreneurship. Shortly after graduating, he opened a small sailing charter business in Morro Bay. In 2013 he and Patrick created a business plan for Reef Points and began the project with minimal funding.

Patrick has been fascinated by fermentation since his first sip of red wine. In 2007, the world of wine and spirits became a passion and an endless personal study. Over the years, he has worked internationally for wineries on the Central Coast of California, Australia and New Zealand. A zeal for cider developed after his health mandated a gluten-free diet. Impressed by contemporary cider producers in the Southern hemisphere as well as the traditional producers of Europe, he was captivated by the fermentation of apples. The artwork used in the packaging and marketing materials are his creative vision and original design.

Contact Details:

Dane Jacobs

Co-Founder / Sales Representative - San Luis Obispo County / Corporate Contact

Patrick Martinez

Co-Founder / Cider Master

Lindsay Duggan

Billing/Accounts Receivable

Matthew Nocas

Sales Representative - Santa Barbara County

Brent Laucher

Sales Representative - Monterey/Bay Area

Liana Moynier

PR/Media Contact

Reef Points, LLC

P.O. Box 801, Cayucos CA 93430

Where is Reef Points produced?

We craft our ciders at a custom crush facility on the East side of Paso Robles, CA. We harvest apples from orchards in Paso Robles and Watsonville.

Is Reef Points Hard Cider gluten free?

Cider is naturally a gluten free product. Reef Points does not use any ingredients containing gluten in the production process. We run an analysis on all products to ensure there is no gluten in our beverages.